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Do 24 ATT

The Do 24 AT appears to be built using old-fashioned craftsmanship but it is also very futuristic. On the one hand it has a textile- strung rudder and on the other, completely newly developed wings. These details alone prove that the Dornier Do 24 ATT is one of the most outstanding aircrafts in the world.

The 3-engined flying boat was built in 1944 and is today the only flying example of it’s type. Until 1971, it was used as sea- rescue aircraft in Spain. In 1983 it was equipped with new engines and newly developed trapeze-shaped wings, as well as a landing gear which makes it an amphibian technology bearer (Amphibischer Technologie Träger ATT). Then it was put on display in a museum and freed from there after 10 years by Iren Dornier (grandson of the legendary aircraft constructor Claude Dornier). The Do 24 ATT was extensively restored for the second time and made flyable. It started on a round the world trip with Iren Dornier as pilot.

Technical Data

Wing span 30 m
Length 21,95 m
Height 5,65 m from keel/6,68 m in total
Width 8 m in total
Wing area 100 m²
Weight max. 12.000 kg when launched from water; max. 14.000 kg when launched from land
Engine 3x Pratt & Whitney PT6A-45B’s
Nickname Latina

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